Iguess you could call me a bit of a Renaissance woman. I get bored easily doing only one thing, and love exploring all the arts, from music to photography to filmmaking, and of course, design.

My design aesthetic is clean and my strength is creating logos that truly reflect the unique character of the people and organizations I work with because I take the time to get to know each client, their audience, and needs before the design process begins.

I spent four years working for an advertising agency, and then ran my own freelance design business for eight years. When my focus shifted mainly to photography, I still continued to design logos for clients ocassionally because I enjoyed the process so much.

I am now making this service more widely available, working with a limited number of clients, primarily during the winter months.

Personal Facts

I'm an animal lover. I spent many summers on my uncle's farm taming kittens and helping little piggies come into this world. I have my degree from the University of MN in vocal performance (singing) and was studying to be an opera singer. I'm a recovering perfectionist. I find the smell of my horse's nose intoxicating. I adore coffee.